Mitt’s Mission: Destroy Labor Unions

Posted: February 25, 2012 in 2012 Campaign, Labor
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Congressman Poe and Governor Mitt Romney

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There comes a time in one’s life when age matters a whole lot. Not because the end is near…of even that you can see the end from where you are…but, rather, because there’s so much to be done and said. So many loose ends to tie up. So many battles to win and, sadly, so many to win again. And the presidential election of 2012 gives them all a sense of urgency and priority, as well as a daily stream of reminders that the Right will do anything it can to win.

Today, for example, I watched some tape of Mitt Romney saying that he had nothing against unions, just union leadership. What a crock! The Right goes positively orgasmic over thoughts of a world-wide wage race to the bottom that guts whatever is left of the middle class. Unions, even in their weakened, post-Reagan condition, provide the only check against the Right’s full-frontal assault on the American worker. I wonder if the manufacturing machine of modern Germany, where labor sits on boards of directors, feels that way about trade unions? Could it be that the Right’s anti-union mission is simply a means to further consolidate the plutocratic gains of the past 30 years?

Mitt Romney his no fool. His backers, their money, their goals and their greed threaten everything that is good in the human spirit. The time to fight is now. The time to win is November.

  1. “And the presidential election of 2012 gives them all a sense of urgency and priority, as well as a daily stream of reminders that the Right will do anything it can to win.”


    In a similar vein, I get the feeling that in the 7 or so Republican-dominated states that are pushing hard for invasive mandated ultrasounds and “personhood” measures that would criminalize doctors and their women patients, the Republicans are thinking, “if we don’t do it now, when? This is our best chance to get into law the things we believe in — men rule women, the Bible says so.”

    The 2010 mid-term elections were not women’s friend. The GOP-dominated results were what happens when zealots have a stealth agenda, and succeed in not revealing the oozing ugliness behind the mask until after the election.

    • bmccabe says:

      Karen, I love your imagery (oozing ugliness). You nailed it.

      A couple of years ago I read Michelle Goldberg’s Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism. It opened my eyes to the overarching objectives of people who really do believe that Christians should hold dominion over non-believers. It sounds like a do-over of the Crusades, doesn’t it? And you also hit on the sense of urgency that is shaping the Right’s multi-pronged attack on things that much of the left has believed to be settled issues; are we really debating birth control? So, it’s all-in for the Right and it has to be all-in for the Left, too. There is a lot at stake.

  2. Chris says:

    Good! Labors Unions are a blight on the American economy. Their overpriced wages and pensions have aided in the exporting of jobs overseas. The UAW had a big part in almost taking down GM, before No Hope and No change socialized them with a bailout out. Public sector unions are a blight on local cities and states, as they want increasingly want more and more even though it is detrimental to those local cities and states budgets. Just look at San Bernardino, they are a good example of what public sector unions do to communities. Even the great Franklin Roosevelt warned against public sector unions. Unions only comprise about 11 % of the U.S. workforce. Funny, how over 80% of the working population in the U.S. aren’t in a labor union, and yet they are happy enough with their wages and benefits not to organize under a union. In the 21st century unions are a blight and the only people that will argue that point is those who in some way or form are benefiting monetarily from them. The UWA didn’t care that it almost put GM out of business as long as it got it’s share, neither did the public sector unions care that Sand Bernardino went into Chapter 11, as long as they good their over inflated salaries and pensions. My question is how is their greed and apathy any different from the barons on Wall Street that so many of them decry? Their lack of concern for budget short falls and potential collapse of companies as long as they keep profiting for their collective bargain agreements, is no different than Wall Streets lack of concerns over toxic loans that they knew where toxic, but didn’t care how it affect the economy because they all were making a nice profit off of it.

    • Brian McCabe says:

      Were it not for labor unions the middle class wouldn’t exist. Your business-centric view of the world omits an imporant element; on the other side are consumers and the only thing holding up consumer spending is credit card debt. It’s a house of cards and it will come tumbling down. Have another drink of the tea-party Kool Aid. Then, go back to watching Fox News.

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