Attendance up 60% at Left Forum reflecting renewed energy behind left-wing political and economic solutions.

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Miscellaneous
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Left ForumI confess to being on somewhat of a high. Not that kind of a high. Rather, the kind that results from a blast of emotional and intellectual stimulation, which was delivered at Left Forum, a 2 ½ day conference of left-wingers hosted by Pace University in NYC. For conferees, there’s a whole lot there for everyone: there are more than 400 sessions and more than 1400 speakers!

Here is what makes Left Forum so very special; at a time when selfishness and greed have achieved favored-attribute status, Left Forum is all about other people…the poor, the marginalized, the incarcerated, the voiceless, the unrepresented, the under and un-educated, the hopeless…those for whom the American Dream might well be nothing more than a reason to think that tomorrow will be just a little bit better than today.

If you believe that your success will trickle down to this “other” America, Left Forum isn’t for you. If, on the other hand, you believe that your own success will be enriched by the welfare of others, Left Forum will resonate to your very core.

Cornel West, a prominent and provocative democratic intellectual and professor at Princeton University, captured the essence of Left Forum and, in fact, all of left-wing politics, when he rhetorically asked, “Who would want to live in a world where we do not have righteous indignation for the misfortune of others?”

If you need motivation to make America a better place for everyone, righteous indignation will do quite nicely.

More on Left Forum can be found on Borderless News and Views.

  1. Stephan Sotkin says:

    Wish I could go with you to Pace. I will never forget the life inspiring trip we made back in the day!

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