Why Is the Election Polling So Close???

Posted: August 31, 2012 in 2012 Campaign
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I don’t get it. I don’t understand how pre-tea-party Republicans can stand what happening in their party. Let’s just imagine for a moment that Mitt Romney is rational, more like he was as governor of Massachusetts. Of course it’s impossible to know precisely what he believes any more since he changes his tune faster than a teenager can hit the buttons on a car radio. But, put that aside. Everyone knows that the tea-party rules the Republican Party. Do you think that Mitt Romney can swim against that tide? Do you think that he will even try to when even a suggestion of compromise unleashes a tidal wave of push back from right-wing zealots? No way. That’s why I don’t get it. Certainly, rational Republicans know what’s happened over the past 4 years:

  • Before President Obama even took office plans were under way by the Republican leadership…including Paul Ryan…to limit Obama to one term by making him look bad.
  • Obstructionism started on Obama’s first day in office because he was politically vulnerable: his name is Barack Hussein Obama, he is and uppity black man and his wife is an angry black woman who does terrorist fist bumps.  In other words, he symbolized the demographic changes sweeping the nation. He had to be stopped.
  • Everything Obama tried to do…even things that had been recommended in the past by Republicans…was obstructed. Super majorities became the rule of the day.
  • The right-wing communication machine hammered him unmercifully as being not one of us, and as someone who didn’t understand America. It didn’t help that people throughout the world perceived him as a change agent, a fact that fed right into the right-wing’s xenophobic view that he didn’t like America.
  • Political differences were stoked to the level of political hatred. Listen to how Romney supporters talk about the president. He’s the enemy, not a political option.

Why doesn’t this stuff matter? Have the “crazies,” as Chris Christie calls them, taken over the party as well as the minds of reasonable Republicans? How could Obama possibly be a worse choice than a tea-party controlled puppet in the White House?

Frankly, I could be a lot happier than I am with the President, but I will vote for him and work as best I can to support his campaign. On the other side I desperately fear that America will descend into fascism and theocracy if Romney wins. For the majority of Americans, and for the planet we live on, that will be tragic.

  1. Gerald Stone says:

    Think about this too, as the Libertarian, Ayn Rand worshiping, tea bagger gang has pulled the Republican party much farther to the right. What not only 10 or so years ago we all thought would be too far to the right has now become the center of that party.

    The problem as I see with the President is that when he should have stood up for his values against the Republican’s onslaught, he tried too much compromise, far too early. It has been obvious from day one of his administration, that like Ronald Regan, he is very good with the media. He should have done what Regan did, make his case to the people and use them to corner the Republicans into coming to him and then, he could work a compromise.

    There are other strategic errors committed during his Presidency, but comparing him to the Republication alternative, lord help us of Romney and Ryan win. They are about as subtle as a hand grenade in a bowl of oatmeal.

    • Brian McCabe says:

      I appreciate your thoughtful response. I made a similar case in a recent post entitled NJ Labor Leader For Romney:

      “Frankly, I think the President deserves much of the blame. He should have taken his case directly to the American people as soon as he saw what the Republicans were up to. Now he has to go hat in hand to the voters and plead for another chance. Do I think he deserves it? Yes, I do. But if he gets it he needs to kick ass and take names. Enough of this crap.” Use this link to see full post. http://wp.me/p2dces-6G

      I wonder all the time about the president’s reticence to fight back. After all, he speaks brilliantly, commands presence and has all the facts on his side. Yet, he tried time and time again to play nicely with others when the others had him for lunch. I would love to hear your take on this. I wonder if race doesn’t play into it: Obama going out of his way not to appear as an angry black man. Or, maybe it’s just his temperament to be conciliatory. If it is, I question his suitability to be president. If FDR had been conciliatory the New Deal would never have happened.

    • Brian McCabe says:

      Totally agree with everything you wrote.

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