I’m having a tough time with something and I invite anyone to help me understand what’s going on with our economy.

We’ve got high unemployment and rampant under-employment; falling wages; an increasing concentration of wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands; a lack of career opportunities for recent graduates who are crushed under the weight of college loans that could follow them forever; an increase in poverty rates coupled with a decrease in socioeconomic and class mobility; tragically high incarceration rates; and, perhaps most startling, the unwillingness of our politicians to acknowledge what’s going on.

To look at it another way, the purpose of our economy is not to hire workers but to produce goods and services. In fact, if goods and services could be produced without any workers at all it would be just fine. No, it would be better than fine: it would be the best that capitalism has to offer.

But what would happen to all the workers who are no longer needed by the economy? What about their American dreams? Should they just go away or, better yet, die? And with this as a backdrop we hear an endless stream of bullshit flowing from Washington calling for reduced entitlements and a diminished social safety net. Really?

No, the American people need entitlements and they should start with our being entitled to political leaders who have the balls to tell it like it is. The system is broken.

So please, anyone, explain why better days are ahead and that I have it all wrong.

  1. Bernice Finlayson says:

    It isn’t clear to me whether you support Democrats or GOP . Which is it?

    • Brian McCabe says:

      See my response to waterlilly74. If you believe that the problems to which I refer in my post are real, do you get pissed when there’s no movement in Congress to address the problems of our broken system? Every 20 years of so our economic system goes through a reset, during which time more and more money concentrates at the top at the expense of everyone else. Have you ever heard anyone on the floor of Congress bring this up? Anyone?

  2. waterlily74 says:

    Are you a Democrat or GOP?

  3. Brian McCabe says:

    Interesting question. I assume it is a least a bit rhetorical since my blog is called liberaloutpost and my writings are decidedly left-wing. That said, your question strikes the heart of the issue: with the exception of Bernie Sanders who in Congress, on either side of the aisle, has the balls to even hint at the fundamental problems of capitalism? Such a critique, were it ever to see the light of day, would most certainly come from the left but don’t count it anytime soon. And yet, the problems are all around us. Look at what’s happening in Europe: the people are being forced to pay for the transgressions of the plutocrats. And over here we get lambasted by a constant stream of bullshit claiming that entitlements and the social safety net need to be “fixed.” When the people at the top get richer and richer and everyone else loses ground…that is a problem of capitalism.

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