About Liberaloutpost and the guy who writes it…

It’s not easy being a liberal in an area where even birds don’t have left wings. Regardless, I decided to come out of hiding by sharing some of my liberal thoughts and frustrations, some of which were written during President Bush’s first term in office.

My name is Brian McCabe. I graduated from college in 1967 and cut my political teeth protesting against the Viet Nam war and for civil rights. Over the years I’ve vacillated between tolerant of and angry at American politics. Right now I am in an angry phase, as are many liberals and progressives who are appalled at how quickly America is slipping toward theocracy and/or fascism (pick your related poison). Liberaloutpost gives me a place to vent and connect with other people who share similar political and humanitarian points of view.

I promise to make my points of view clear and well drawn. If I don’t blame Mr. Abby, my English teacher, at Newark Academy.

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