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Letter to Kerry Campaign Workers.

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Bush Stuff
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This was written after President Bush defeated John Kerry.

First, I want to say how much I enjoyed meeting and working with you all. Despite how the election turned out, I refuse to believe that we were not fighting the good fight. That said, I recall the old story about the prize fighter who was in the ring with a far more talented opponent. After each losing round, the courageous but outmatched contestant staggered to his corner where his manager shouted, “Keep it up, you’re doing great! He’s not laying a glove on you.” After more than a few rounds of this charade, the bloodied and exhausted warrior cried, “Please, keep an eye on the referee, because somebody is kicking the hell out of me!”

Well, that’s the way I feel. The hell has been kicked out of me and I want to blame someone.

I’m mad at John Kerry, but he did his best. I’m mad at his advisors, but I’m not sure that I would have advised doing anything differently. I’m mad at the primary process, feeling now that Howard Dean probably would have made a better candidate, but that’s hindsight. I’m mad at all the people who voted for Bush because they’re all stupid, but they won and our guy didn’t so who’s stupid? I’m mad at people who use God for political gain, and I’ll bet that God ain’t happy either. At least I’m in good company.

But most of all, I’m mad at myself for having invested so much emotional capital in hating George W. Bush. It blinded me to the reality of politics in America today: People are in desperate search of a simpler time and, therefore, a simple message sells. George W. Bush’s message was simple and it was easy to buy.

I’ve been in the marketing and sales business for a long time and something I learned seems to apply; don’t give a sales force too many ideas to sell because the big idea will get lost in the noise. When I think of all the reasons why George W. Bush ought not to be president for another four years I’m overwhelmed. Unfortunately, to anyone but Kerry’s base (read that as us), that’s an underwhelming and very
noisy message.

So, now what? That’s what I’m dealing with now, as I suspect you are. If you are up to performing an act of charity for a somewhat punch-drunk fighter, I would love to know how you are going to continue the fight because I am really frightened for America. It’s my country, too, and I don’t think I recognize it any more.

Kindest regards,

Brian McCabe

Letter to Don Imus Regarding GWB.

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Bush Stuff
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This was written during Senator John Kerry’s campaign for the Presidency.

Dear Mr. Imus,

I am about your age (61) and have been listening to you since you came from Cleveland to NY. I still get a chuckle thinking about Billy Sol Hargis (sp?) and the Church of the Gooey Death. Thank you for the memories.

I also thank you for supporting John Kerry for president. As a Kerry supporter myself, I am pleased that “he is your man,”  but it’s also obvious that you would be happier with someone like Joe Biden. Frankly, so would I. But while I think that John Kerry has run a so-so campaign and that he talks too much, I think he will be a wonderful president at a time when America sure needs one. I genuinely fear another four years of the current administration.

With George W. Bush, we have a leader who’s infallible view of good and evil, who’s ability to avoid facts that get in the way of his “vision,” and who’s willingness to send American sons, daughters, mothers and fathers into combat believing that there will be “no casualties” borders on criminally incompetent. This irrational behavior makes sense only in the context of his “born-again,” evangelical beliefs which, when checked at the church door, are of little consequence. However, when those beliefs are allowed to guide the foreign policy of the most powerful nation on earth, they have the potential to thrust the world into the abyss of worldwide cultural and religious war.

Christian evangelicals may argue that such conflict is the inevitable playing out of Biblical prophecy; they are entitled to their beliefs. But for the sake of good men and women everywhere who do not share them…and I have no doubt that you are one of them…this obsession with Armageddon must be exposed for what it is before it, indeed, becomes prophecy, not of the Biblical variety, but one tragically self-fulfilling.

Mr. Imus, what I am asking is that, with the two days left that you are on the air before the votes are counted, you offer your listeners a more committed endorsement of John Kerry. The stakes are so high and you can make a very important difference.

Kindest regards,

Brian McCabe